How being rebellious, curious and feral can help save the planet?


Hung-Fei Wu is a curator and researcher based in Taipei, Taiwan. Graduated from University of Essex with MA Gallery Studies with Critical Curating, now a curatorial director of Solid Art (since 2019).

Since 2015 she has been deeply engaged in the art’s value on sustainability that connects spiritual, ecological and social discourse. Previous research projects include “Creative Sustainability Island Mapping” (Taiwan) and “On the edge of Europe, Where Art Meets Ecology” in 2017 and 2018 retrospectively. She is also an Asian Cultural Council Fellow (2022-2023) with an ongoing research on non-Western knowledge system and worldview in Asia from a feminist perspective and a collaborative approach. In 2023 she initiated ”Citing Bar“ to explore the environmental humanities, sustainability and feminism at the project space of Solid Art.

Important curatorial projects include “Tides in the Body”(2022), building on the contemporary discourse around hydro feminism to respond to the existential scales of the imminent crises faced by the planet’s aquatic ecosystems ; “Glacial” (2021) is a cross cultural dialogue between Taiwan and Finland that explore the new manifestation of deep time across multidisciplinary fields of geology, material science and climatology; “///\\///” (2020) presents various liquid clues that broke the existing order and knowledge systems, to get the essence of nature and to cultivate a brand new worldview; “Mute Dialogue” (2016) looked at the connection between the pressing global climate crisis and local environmental context, and the psychological and cognitive reaction of humans towards these issues. Both”Tides in the Body” and “///\\///” were nominated by Taishin Arts Award, one of the most prestigious awards in Taiwan.

策展人與報導者,畢業於英國Essex大學MA Gallery Studies with Critical Curating。自2019年起擔任本事藝術總監,現居台灣台北。

曾任職藝術雜誌編輯,擁有豐富撰稿、策展、研究與國際交流策劃執行經驗。自2015年起投入探索藝術之於心靈、生態與社會的永續價值,以此核心問題意識先後在台灣、歐洲展開踏查研究、書寫與出版 (2017創意島嶼書寫、2018 on the edge of europe 藝術與生態交會之踏查)。於2022年獲得ACC亞洲文化協會之獎助計畫,正延續台、歐的研究基礎,以女性主義環境人文與跨域的合作方法,在亞洲探詢另類於西方的知識系統與世界觀。2023年於本事藝術計畫空間發起「引用吧」(Citing Bar) 計畫—一個探索環境人文、可持續性與女性主義的平台。

重要策展包括「作浪」(2022) 探索水女性主義,回應充斥全球的水生態危機,並進一步攪動複數的、孕育的、混雜的,棲居於語言及行動中調節與抵抗的能量。「深時」(2021)集結台灣與芬蘭兩地藝術家,從深層時間的概念出發,以地質、材料與氣候的科學領域,展開跨文化/自然的交流對話;「///\\///」(2020) 透過種種液態逃逸的線索,打破既有秩序與知識系統,建立理解自然本質的路徑與全新的世界觀;「空談」(2016),將全球迫切的環境議題與台灣在地脈絡相接,並探究人類面對環境問題的心理反應與統合認知。其中「作浪」與「///\\///」 曾獲台新藝術獎提名。